How do I become a Detective?

This is a great question to ask since you have decided to become a Private Investigator or Detective.  Each state has different requirements to become a licensed private investigator or a provisional licensed private investigator.  A provisional license is given when you are employed by a private investigation agency.   This type of license may be call something different depending what state you are trying to obtain your license in.   This is a very common license to receive and many investigators begin their career in this manner.  It is a great way to develop the needed skills to become successful as a private investigator.  Learning the skills to be an efficient investigator will not all come entirely out of a book.  Your experience needs to be gained by trial and error as well as by example.  Learning from a veteran in the field is one of the quickest ways to get yourself up to speed on different techniques.

A private investigator license typically requires a specific amount of investigative experience depending upon which state you wish to be licensed in.  In most cases a college education can substitute for experience.  On going education,  specifically in criminal justice and business is highly recommended to learn more about the Justice System as well as business and marketing.  Many schools provide online courses to fit you lifestyle.

Find you state requirements to become a private investigator in the BLOG.  We continuously check for changes in state requirements but it is important that you verify information with the state agencies you wish to obtain a license in.